Fan Favorites

Dan is the kind of person who always sees the glass half full.  After realizing he needed a healthy outlet during his younger years, he worked tirelessly to learn how to play the guitar, and spent countless hours practicing, singing, and writing lyrics.  He's channeled some of his highest and lowest moments into his songs, and has spent the last two decades dedicated to his music. Dan's determination to achieve greatness in life while enjoying every moment is just as contagious as it is enjoyable to be around. A radiant and unpredictable character, fans never know what to expect when he jumps on stage....but they always have a great time.

His Songs Like "We Like To Have Fun",  exemplify his musical spontaneity. During the title track, Dan guides you through the quintessential Saturday, from finding your outfit to meeting up with your friends and eventually watching the sun come up the next day. The hook will knock you back into your seat (or onto the dance floor) when the bass kicks the beat into full swing and a room full friends sing along. The breakdown cooks with horns and pianists, oohs and ahhs from the crowd, and a cameo dj appearance. Dan's humor and enthusiasim will have you feeling like a personal guest at the party of the year.  As a contrast to that, "Somewhere in Between" tells the story of a man struggling through life trying to defeat his demons.  You'll find that his lyrics evoke a range of emotion, and relate so deeply to the human experience.   His music is an invitation to sing along through all the chapters of life, while always taking time for gratitude and celebration.. As Dan says ..."One day the whole world will hear my music."